Increase Organic Traffic With An Eye On Conversions

How To Do Market Research For SEO Using Analytics
October 14, 2018

Increase Organic Traffic With An Eye On Conversions

As all of us is well aware of Paid and Unpaid Search results of popular search engines. As a unbiased web developer or any businessmen  you must focus on Organic Results that means the Unpaid results. To get Organic Traffic to your website you need to emphasize on SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization of site.


Following are some reasons which shows Organic Results still matters!!!

  1. Organic simply helps to deliver relevant traffic to your website.
  2. Site stickiness is one of feature shown by Organic Results which means that as compare to paid search organic has the ability to create long-term customers and retain them.
  3. With organic search, the thinking approach of user is different.
  4. In this case, the user is looking for you, or at least what you sell/offer/publish. When they find out you and if you provided an excellent experience to them , they will often come back for sure.
  5. No need to invest for organic traffic.



Before knowing how to increase organic traffic with an eye on conversion 1st of all try to understand about concept of eye tracking.


Eye Tracking:

Eye tracking is a kind of software that uses a web camera to monitor eye stares.This generates heat maps of eye stares to show where visitor attention is often drawn to on the screen. This can provide valuable insights about the effectiveness of different designs and thus can say

whether users are noticing important messages or assets on page.



Lets go for understanding how one can increase organic traffic with an eye on conversion.

I am sure everyone is now ready to get to know it and want to increase their numbers of visitors and want to convert them into customers….Alright!




How we can increase organic traffic to maximize conversion  rate!!!

The conversion rate means converting your website’s visitors into your customers without paying anything to search engines.


  • As you know , when user visit your website they utilize their precious time from their busy so they expect something unique to get from website to which they are visiting.
  • A handful of positive reviews will add a stamp of reliability to your website.
  • Checks or monitor engagement activity of your website user / visitor so that you can more focus on what they like and thus can be successful to retain them.
  • Start by conducting family and friends to your site and ask for their honest opinions about your website.
  • Create your fresh content which will look like all time new for user.
  • Make use of keywords in URL
  • Write metadata description for each webpage.
  • The meta description is the patch that appears below the blue link in Google search. Contrast intelligencer appear along the side it in the form of star ratings ,thumbnail of author, site links, and other rich schema, or mark up.


  • Following terms to be fulfil and must be there in metadata
  1. Search Terms
  2. Brand Message
  3. Convincing Marketing Message

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